Monitoring sensors at various locations along the Okeover stream are sampled at 5 minute intervals. Click on icons on the map to show real-time data for each location node (data from sensors at each node include pH, temperature, conductivity, water level, and others). Not all nodes have the same range of sensors.

 Okeover Stream Monitoring

The main monitorind point is online again, updated with an dissolved oxygen sensor. Installation of further monitoring points (including in the Avon river) is in progress.
Usage of Internet Explorer can cause problems with graph display (unvisible graph), usage of Firefox or Google Chrome is therefore recommended.

Sensors locations and types:

Okeover Engineering Bridge
          (Temperature, Turbidity, Water Level, pH, Conductivity, Diss. Oxygen)
Engineering Road - not online yet
          (Temperature, Water Level)
Forestry Road - not online yet
         (Temperature, Water Level)

Civil-NRE Weather station

Okeover stream web-cam


 Courtesy of HydroEco Research Team