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Stormwater monitoring forms a growing research (and teaching) focus of the Hydrological and Ecological Engineering group. We have a number of research projects investigating best management practices (BMPs) and Water Urban Sensitive Designs (WUSD) for controlling diffuse stormwater inputs to our campus waterways, the Okeover Stream and Avon River. Most of this work has resulted in quantifying the particular stormwater contaminants so appropriate treatment devices can be recommended. Continuing research efforts on this topic are leading to structural and non-structural BMPs and WUSDs so that the receiving waterways are not further impacted from stormwater contamination.

Research Articles

Developing a public information and engagement portal of urban waterways with real-time monitoring and modeling, 2011 (PDF, 1.60 Mb)

An innovative method for spatial quantification of contaminant build-up and wash-off from impermeable urban surfaces, 2010 (PDF, 426 kb)

Contaminant sources, transport and fate in stormwater runoff in Christchurch, 2010 (PDF, 324 kb)

Developing a rainfall contaminant relationship model for Christchurch Urban Catchments, 2009 (PDF, 219 kb)


Technical Research Reports

Development of a Hydro-Eco-Logical Model for Determining Contaminent Loading and Transport in Urban Catchments (PDF, 4.55 Mb)

Quantifying Stormwater on the University of Canterbury Campus Car Parks for Resource Consent Renewal (with Opus Consultants, ECan and CCC) (PDF, 3 Mb)

Quantifying Stormwater Contaminants in Water and Sediments in the Okeover, Christchurch (PDF, 1.02 Mb)

Treatment of Stormwater Runoff in the Ephemeral Reach of the Okeover Stream; An Ecological Engineering Approach (PDF, 2.4 Mb)