Welcome to Urban Waterways, a website devoted to the surface water network of Christchurch, New Zealand

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Welcome to Urban Waterways

Why have an urban waterways website?

Urban Waterways has been designed to provide a link between groups and individuals involved with urban stormwater research and the local community. This website aims to show people what kind of role their local waterway plays on their everyday life, and what role their everyday life has on the waterway. Here you will find content surrounding the research and activities that influence the Christchurch waterways, in particular focussing upon the headwaters of the Avon River such as the Okeover Stream. This information is aimed to promote an increased awareness in how urban waterways become polluted, and to provide best practice methods to prevent and mitigate this pollution from human activities.

To promote increased dialogue and discussion relating to the issues and topics surrounding the surface water network, Urban Waterways hosts a phpBB-based forum.


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